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Ways to cut down on false alarms in Chico

June 17, 2022

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False alarms are a legitimate concern for your home’s security. Not only do they lower the trust you have in your installation, but they might even be a pain to resolve. Luckily, you are able to do a few things to lessen the frequency of false alarms from your Chico home security system.

To begin, be sure that your devices installed properly. This process may appear to be a no-brainer, but it’s common that overlooked user errors lead to false alarms. Secondly, keep an eye on likely causes of false alarms, including windows and doors that may be left unsecured mistakenly. And finally, don't hesitate to integrate the various tools like home automation and scheduling to cut down on false alarms in Chico.

Is it really that easy? Keep reading to discover for yourself.

A great deal of false alarms in Chico could be averted

Just like you would address any issue, the best course of action is to read the manual. Be certain that all alarms and sensors are installed correctly on your end by:

  • Executing a diagnostic with your smart hub touchscreen.
  • Visually check each component to make sure it didn't become dislodged or need fresh batteries.
  • Check your schedules and presets to be certain that your system isn’t activating at unsuitable times.
  • Ensure all new smart implements are installed correctly and aren't interfering with your home’s alarm.

Reach out to your Vivint representative if you are still having problems cutting down false alarms in your Chico security system. They'll be happy to dispatch a tech to examine your equipment.

Investigate your windows and doors

If your system appears to be OK, the subsequent step is to do an investigation of the house. Are all your doors and widows closed tightly, or are any accidentally cracked? If an access point remains unsecured, it could trigger a motion sensor. If your family constantly forgets to shut a door, you could implement a smart locking mechanism that automatically locks when the alarm is activated. Sadly, windows need more manual maintenance, particularly if you have a family member who likes to fall asleep with a cracked window. Thankfully, your Vivint alarm system makes it easy to disengage that alarm while protecting the rest of the property.

Home automation is a great method to cut down on false alarms in Chico

One of the smartest techniques to reduce the likelihood of false alarms is to incorporate home automation into your alarm system. With your security app, you can:

  • Set a schedule to disengage the alarm when you are home and avoid false alarms that result from accidentally unlocking a door or window. Then have it automatically engage again at night as you prepare for bed.
  • Set your home security to disarm as your smart lock is activated with the proper number combination.
  • Set geotracking to arm the alarm when you exit the premises, then turn off when you arrive home for the day.
  • Get smartphone alerts when your components detect abnormal motion or need a new battery.
  • Pair your home security to Alexa or Google Home, so you may operate your system without the smartphone app or your touchscreen.

Cut down on false alarms in Chico with a Vivint smart home

Greater control over your home security equates to fewer chances of false alarms. To customize your Vivint security package, reach out to (530) 460-6338 or submit the form below.